Venue Areas - Los Angeles Theatre

  • The Auditorium

    With its three-tiered, 2,200-seat auditorium, the Los Angeles Theatre is an ideal venue for big shows with an intimate feel. What makes the experience truly unique, however, is the elaborate Baroque architecture. It's something that must truly be seen live to be believed.
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  • The Stage

    At xx square feet, the stage can accommodate just about every kind of live show. Fully outfitted with a combination of LED and incandescent lighting, moving truss elements and wired for DMX dimming and control, the Los Angeles Theatre stage is the perfect place for a 21st century show in a breathtaking early 20th century environment.
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  • The Lobby

    The experience of walking into the Los Angeles Theatre lobby is unlike anything else in all of Los Angeles. With its stunning Baroque architecture, grand chandeliers, flowing staircases and balustrades and plush red carpet, the Los Angeles Theatre lobby provides today's visitors with a rare opportunity to experience the storied grandeur and elegance of the Golden Age of Hollywood.
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  • The Bar

    Located just outside the main entrance to the auditorium, a stand-alone island bar provides an excellent location for serving food, beverages or other refreshments at any event.
  • The Ballroom

    One of the hidden treasures of the Los Angeles Theatre is the oval-shaped ballroom just below the lobby. Stand in the middle of the parquet floor and it's not hard to imagine the highest levels of Los Angeles high society dressed to the nines and doing the Charleston or the Lindy Hop until all hours of the night.
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  • The Restaurant

    Adjacent to the Ballroom in the lower level is a room that once served as a restaurant, complete with a fully functioning kitchen.
  • Ladies' Restroom & Powder Room

    Flanked on either side by full-length mirrors, rich ornamentation and marble-walled stalls, this long corridor is a testament to the lavish style that attended every aspect of the Los Angeles Theatre experience. Before or after using the restroom, women could also gather in an opulent powder room full of light and mirrors to check their makeup and socialize with each other before returning to the theatre or ballroom.
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  • Men's Restroom

    Sporting an stately, masculine design, the men's restroom provided a stylish environment where men could congregate, wash their hands and even sit and get their shoes shined on a long built-in platform.
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  • Children's Playroom

    People often brought their children to the Los Angeles Theatre, and this room with its fanciful murals and a ceiling that recalls the inside of an Arabian tent provided an ideal setting for children to play, not far from the watchful eyes of their parents in the adjoining room.
  • Retail Areas

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