Venue Specs - Los Angeles Theatre

Address 615 South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Seating Capacity - Original Main Floor 1,301
Mezzanine 300
Balcony 348
TOTAL 1,949
Seating Capacity - Current Main Floor 1,305
Mezzanine 276
Balcony 356
TOTAL 1,937
Stage Size 60'0" wide at proscenium.
25'0" deep from smoke pocket to back wall.
20'0" extension from smoke pocket to center edge of curved thrust stage.
32'0" height of proscenium.
68'0" height of gridiron.
Stage Load-In Loading door up stage right (17' h x 7'6" w); ramp up to 7th Street alley. No loading dock.
Wing Space 19 ft. offstage x 25 ft. upstage, SL and SR
Gridiron Full grid above first 15 ft. downstage. At a distance of 15 ft. from the smoke pocket the gridiron ends and the ceiling changes from a height of 75 ft. to 32 ft., then gradually slopes down to 28 ft. at the back wall of the stage over a distance of 10 ft. There are beams with original sheaves attached in this lower ceiling which were intended for hemp sets.
Counterweight System Single purchase counterweight, operates at stage level, SR.
Orchestra Pit Covered semi-permanently by thrust stage.
Traps One USL 2' x 8'
Curtains Main decorative curtain operates as manual counterweight on SR locking rail. Screen curtain operates on electric motor DSR.
Storage Rooms understage at -19' -3" level reached by stairs DSR and USL.
Rehearsal Space Two rooms available on mid-basement level of lobby.
Wardrobe Use green room area under stage.
Green Room Open area under stage outside dressing rooms.
Dressing Rooms Eight under the stage at -11'–3" level reached by stairs DSR and USL.